Bio - Pieter Vandevelde

Welcome! I am an astrophotographer residing near the medieval city of Bruges in Belgium.

Having been fascinated by the nightsky since childhood, I picked up astrophotography 16 years ago. Starting out with some basic lunar and planetary imaging, I soon got involved in Deepsky astrophotography.

Today my focus lies on Deepsky and Solar photography; 2 very different disciplines within amateur astronomy, both requiring very specific kinds of equipment and techniques.

My current instruments include a 10" Newtonian reflector for deepsky astrophotography and a 6" H-alpha refractor for solar photography, both telescopes are custom instruments I designed and put together.

Nearly all my recent work has been mono-chromatic, as I prefer the aesthetics of black and white photography. My solar images are sometimes colourized to emphasize surface details.

I always strive to reduce image post-processing to an absolute minimum and aim to maintain the most natural and realistic representation for each object.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy your visit.