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Some other astrophotographers

Caelum observatory : World class astrophotography by Adam Block from Mount Lemmon in Arizona

Berhard Hubl : Inspiring astrophotography by Bernhard Hubl from Austria

Allround deepsky astrophotographer Maurice Toet

Frans Kroon : Dutch astrophotographer

Lieven Persoons : Remote astrophotography from Southern France

Sara Wager : Astrophotography from Spain

Nuits Sacrées : Stunning nightscape photography by Stéphane Vetter

Neophoto : Impressive solar photography from the Netherlands

General astro related stuff

SBIG : Astronomical Instruments

Starlight Xpress : High quality cooled CCD imagers

TeleVue : Optical perfection

VVS : Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde (Belgian astronomy society)

The Hubble space telescope : The ultimate deepsky imager

The Chandra space telescope : X-Ray Observatory

The Herschel Telescope: Far Infrared Observatory

Solarmonitor : Current solar weather

SETI : Sometimes it seems there's none on earth, so join the search for extra terrestial intelligence


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